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150G FMJ .308 Hornady Projectiles $21/100

30/30 Winchester  $19/100

357 Mag

380 auto

40 S&W

7.62x39 AK Brass $23/100  

Lake City 5.56 Proecessed

308 Military Brass


** 300 BLACKOUT BRASS  LAKE CITY HEADSTAMP - $79/500   $158/1000  !!!!!! THRU SUNDAY.


We offer .223/5.56 to Blackout Conversion Services.  We charge $.09 each.  They are fully processed (swaged, deprimed, trimmed, and sized, and polished) and we usually have a 2 day turnaround from the day we receive it.  We will do any headstamp you like as long as they are boxer primed (TAA,GFL are too thick and do not make good 300 brass, FC military also tends to be thicker depending on your chamber you may need to chamfer the brass, but the commerical FC is ok)  All you need to do is mail the brass to us and we take it from there, we bill you based on the finished count when we are done making it, plus shipping back.  It's that easy!!!

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Ain't this the truth. We only use LAKE CITY brass for our 300 AAC Blackout brass. Why? Because friends don't let friends shoot mixed headstamps :) But seriously, each brass manufacturer's brass is slightly different in thickness, when you are converting a piece of brass like we do to make Blackout, that hair of thickness, is a WORLD of difference. We have tested every kind of military & commercial brass out there. Lake City beat them all for performance and durability. Why not make mixed headstamp brass? It's cheaper right?! You get what you pay for. Since each brand of brass is a different thickness, the trim length and shoulder setback will vary, giving you very inconsistent results at the range, or the hunt. Not worth missing the shot. Invest in Lake City brass, it's a one and done type of deal if you find it to pick it up and reload over, and over,                                                                                         and over (16 times over is what we are at so far)!! :)