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Inventory Update:

We have some great news to share.... We have acquired a good bit of brass from a police range and will be sorting it out this week.  Things you can expect back in stock will be 9mm, 40, 45, 300 blackout (looks to be mostly lake city as well!!!) We still have some 7.62x39 in stock as well.  Everything will be posted as it is sorted and cleaned.  The price of wholesale brass has gone up so we have had to adjust pricing, if and when this goes back to normal and we can get it cheaper we will pass along those savings.  It has taken us over a year to get our hands on this kind of quantity which we should sell out over the next 2 weeks.  


45 ACP Police Range Brass- mostly premium nickel brass with some yellow brass mixed in $70/k

300 Blackout (Mixed Range Headstamps)  $119/500  - 8 batches

300 Blackout (Lake City)  2k pieces $530 shipped 1 batch.


45-70   (31 pcs) $16

300 Win Mag (123 pcs)  $60

375 H&H (24 p pcs)  $17

338 Win Mag (52 pcs) $25

40 S&W Police Range 1x fired $45/k


9mm Police Range Brass

Subsonic Magazine Bands

300 Blackout Magazine Bands

Carolina Brass Car Decal


We offer .223/5.56 to 300 Blackout Conversion Services.  We charge $.11 each.  They are fully processed (swaged, deprimed, trimmed, and sized, and polished) and we usually have a 2 day turnaround from the day we receive it.  We will do any headstamp you like as long as they are boxer primed* (TAA,GFL, Lapua, ICC are too thick and do not make good 300 brass, FC military also tends to be thicker depending on your chamber you may need to chamfer the brass, but the commercial FC is ok....We recommend you gauge the brass on your end to make sure they pass or don't if you send us mixed headstamp brass)  All you need to do is mail the brass to us and we take it from there, we bill you based on the finished count when we are done making it, plus shipping back.  It's that easy!!!

* We do charge $3 each for broken decapping pins.  Please check your brass for all boxer primer.

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