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Hornady 150g .308 300 Blackout FMJ Bullets - 100 pack

$20.00 $21.00

Hornady 150g .308 Full Metal Jacket factory bullets. These are the projectile only not loaded ammo.  They are factory Hornady 150g .308 FMJ Bullets brand new..    These are one of our go-to bullets for loading 300 Blackout practice and bulk stock rounds.  We personally use them because they are relatively cheap and they work they can be used in .308, 30-06 and they are a good multipurpose bullet that works well and doesn't break the bank.

Includes 100 pieces of  Hornady 150g .308 FMJ Bullets- for larger quantities you can increase the quantiy in your cart.


*** Photo is an example of our personal ammo, loaded with the FMJ's.  The cannelure will be above and it is totally correct this way as the bullet is designed for .308.  Looks funny but they work like a charm over IMR4227!!

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