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300 AAC Mixed POLICE (RP, LC, WIN) Blackout Brass-100 Pieces


 This is fully processed 300 blackout converted from mixed 1x fired police range brass from our local range.  It is a mix of mostly RP .223 ,LC 5.56, may contain limited additional headstamps but not likely beyond Federal or Winchester as its police ammo.  

Deprimed- Dillon Universal Depriming Die

 300 Blackout is Trimmed- Dillon RT1500. All cases have been trimmed to no longer than 1.358" +/- .010 to fall within SAAMI specs, which will allow you to reload several times before trimming.

300 Blackout is Sized- Forster Bench Rest 300 AAC Blackout Die

 300 Blackout is Swaged- Dillon 1050 (swage is kept on the tigher side so you don't have loose primer pockets)

 300 Blackout is Polished- Polished in Stainless Steel media for a beautiful shine inside and out.

The brass is ran by hand through our DIllon's we do not automate production, we run it and we check it as it is made to ensure quality.

Case neck and overall dimensions checked throughout processing with a Sheridan Engineering Gauge to ensure that the cases function in even the tightest SAAMI chambers, and we use digital calipers to ensure a consistent length of 1.355 +/- .005  We also batch check cases with a Swage Gauge to make sure they are not over or under swaged.  


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