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308 Lake City Brass and 150g Hornady FMJ Reloaders Pack


This is for a Combo Pack including:

100- pieces of mosttly Lake City 7.62x51/.308 Once-Fired Brass (it is cleaned but is not processed, primers still in) 

100- pieces of Hornady 150g .308 FMJ Boat Tail Projectiles.

Projectiles are brand new. We will also provide load data if you need it. These make great clone M80 military rounds, and are a good starter pack for people wanting to try the 308 round.


Brass is (95-99%) Lake City headstamp there may be a few other military headstamps but we include extra brass with each order that should cover any, May also contain LC Long Range as a bonus!!).


Brass will be in Once-Fired Condition with primers still in has been initally cleaned in corn. This is truly some of the nicest .308 we have gotten in. Does not appear to be from an MG, very straight.

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